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Axwell Wallet Magnets ExplainedUpdated a year ago

Will the magnets inside of the Axwell Wallet impact the magnetic strip on my cards inside?

The short answer is absolutely not. 

The Axwell Team spent two years crafting the Axwell Wallet and testing it hundreds of times to ensure the information stored on your cards is not impacted by the magnets inside of the wallet. 

The Axwell Wallet shell plates that hold your cards are crafted from thick 6061-T6 aluminum. This material has magnetic shielding properties and is thick enough to protect your credit cards from being demagnetized. The magnetic pull force also faces away from your cards as it's attached to the outer cover plates. Finally, the magnets embedded into the shell cover plates and outer cover plates are incredibly thin. Thinner magnet shapes exhibit weaker magnetic fields.

Nowadays, you don’t have to worry much about magnets damaging your credit cards because magnetic strips have become nearly obsolete. Instead of a magnetic strip that you swipe, most credit cards now have an EMV Chip that you insert into a card reader. Luckily EMV chips aren’t affected by magnets. 

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